Community News

Dressed to Save Lives: Bunker Gear Drill

When firefighters get a call, they have to be on the road as fast as possible. So they regularly drill on how to put on their bunker gear. According to the Fire Protection Association standard, firefighters have to get their bunker gear on within 90 seconds.

Mayday Training at Station 78

At the Spring Fire Department, training never ends. Firefighters run drills year round to prepare for unique situations in the line of duty. During the month of May, Spring firefighters practice Mayday drills. Mayday is used when a firefighter finds themselves or those around them in a life-threatening situation during a fire.

Summer Heat Safety

As the mercury rises to triple digits, the Spring Fire Department urges residents to leave the heat to the firefighters and learn how to prevent three key types of heat related illnesses: heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Honoring Spring Firefighters who Served in the Military

May is military appreciation month and the Spring Fire Department is a home away from home to many who have served or continue to serve our country. Those who felt called to serve in America’s armed forces also found a calling in firefighting. After risking their lives in war zones, they now protect Spring.

Dinner with the Barretts

Home cooked Sicilian dinners have been on the menu at Spring Fire stations these past two weeks courtesy of Elisabeth Barrett and her husband Jimmy Barrett, the host of the KTRH Morning News.